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Mountain Systems, Inc., (MSI), specializes in the development of Computer Telephony and Caller ID related software products for Windows based PCs. The MSI family of products includes CallAudit, a Windows based program that provides a variety of Caller-ID processing options, and a family of related Caller ID aware products.  CallAudit Voice is our latest addition and adds Voice Mail capabilities to our software's standard host of features. CallAudit Version 5.0 adds integrated FAX, Text to Speech, and Voice Recognition support to our CTI products.

Available Products

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Requirements and Pricing

PC MODEMS Available from Other Vendors

The following link has information on buying modems from other vendors:  PC Modems

Mountains Systems recommends buying modems backed on the Rockwell Chipsets.  Speakerphone modems offer a few extra features over normal Voice modems that CallAudit Voice can take advantage of.  One critical test in setting up a Voice Mail system is testing.  One cannot assume any modem will work trouble free right out of the box.  Testing is an important step in building a reliable voice-mail system.

Further Information:

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