User Product Registration

MSI software products can be registered using registration information provided by Mountain Systems.  Products that can be registered using this approach include:

Users of Atomic Clock, MyDeskop, and all other MSI software packages can also use the Re-Registration process.

When MSI software products are purchased electronically, the users receive a confirmation E-mail message with their purchase information.  This E-Mail message will also include a user registration name and registration code. 

To register your MSI product with this information, do the following:

1. Start program

2. Goto the Buy Menu on the menu bar

3. Select the Register Software option

4. Enter the registration information provided in your E-Mail

5. Establish a connection to the Internet

6. Press the Request Registration button

For this process to work, the following must be true:


1. You have received your registration information from MSI

2. Your trial version must be active

Once the product is registered, either by using this approach, or automatically through the software, the register options will not be available.


There are some common situations when this process may be very useful:


1. MSI Web page orders

2. Electronic purchases that fail to complete

3. Software reinstall after a hard drive crash

Users can place orders for MSI software products directly from our web page.  When their purchase is approved, they can use the supplied registration information to convert a previously download and installed trial version into a registered version.


Users can also purchase MSI products directly from within the software product.  Occasionally this process will fail to complete, usually due to a broken Internet connection.  In this case they have completed the basic purchase process, but their product failed to automatically register due to the internet connection problem.  With this approach,  they can use the supplied registration information to convert a trial version into a registered version.


Users who have a hard drive crash may need to reinstall windows to get their system going again.  If they then re-download and install the trial version, they can use the supplied registration information to convert the trial version into a registered version.


Use the form below to send us your questions about this process..

Use this Form to send an E-Mail message to Mountain Systems on questions about user registration.




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