Desktop Voice Hardware

Mountain Systems supports a desktop voice hardware device for use with CallAudit Voice in home and home office environments.  This external device, which is NOT modem based, provides many more options than any existing modem product:

This device provides support and features not included with standard modem hardware.  See the table below for a comparison:


Desktop Voice Device

Voice Modems

CallerID Yes Yes
CallerID on Call Waiting Yes No
Distinctive ring Yes Varies by model
Outgoing voice quality Excellent good
Incoming voice message quality Excellent fair to good
Incoming call duration Yes No
Tracks outgoing calls made from touch tone telephones Yes No
Outgoing call duration Yes No
Recording of all telephone calls Yes No
Headset connection Yes No
Windows support All Varies by model
Hardware initialization speed Fast Slow
Call processing speed Fast Varies by model
Silence detection for caller hang-up detection Yes Varies by model

Further information includes:

The device will be supported in both CallAudit Voice and CallAudit Voice Pro.  

Note:  This hardware is currently out of stock, and ship dates for new stock are not known.  

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