4-Line Voice Mail Package Now Available

The newest offering from Mountain Systems is a complete 4-Line Voice Mail package including both hardware and software*.  This package includes:

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This package handles four telephone lines with separate settings for each telephone line.

The 4-Line package is available from Mountain Systems for $1,299.95.  This included the CallAudit Voice Pro software with a 4-Line Internal Voice Card.  Click here for additional information about this package, and other similar hardware packages.

To Place an order online, Click here to visit the MSI order page or call (276) 676-2093 to place your order over the phone.

This package can also be later upgraded with additional hardware and software licensing.  Additional line capacity can be added in increments of 4 and 8, up to 24 lines.  Virtual Switch Voice Clients are licensed at $49.95 per workstation.  One or more (depending on telephone line support) voice client licenses are included with this package.

To download a current fully functional 30 day trial version of CallAudit Voice Pro, Click here

To send us an E-Mail with your questions or comments about CallAudit Voice Pro, Click here .  

* Supporting more than 4 telephone lines in a single PC requires a PC with sufficient disk space, CPU processing power, and memory.   Any Pentium class PC is suitable for a 4 line system.  Contact Mountain Systems for details about system requirements for more than 4 lines in a single PC.  Voice recording takes roughly 1 megabyte of space for each minute of recording.

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