Current CallAudit revision: Version 6.0 - Build 602-1 

MSI Product

Windows Update File

MSI Product Windows Update File

CallAudit 6.0 Software

  CallAudit 5.0 Software   
CallAudit Client 6.0 Demo QCA6DUP.EXE CallAudit Client 5.0 QCA5UP.EXE
CallAudit Server 6.0 Demo QCA6DMUP.EXE CallAudit Voice 5.0 QCA5VUP.EXE
CallAudit Voice 6.0 Demo QCA6DVUP.EXE CallAudit Server 5.0 QCA5MUP.EXE
CallAudit Voice Pro 6.0 Demo QCA6DVPUP.EXE CallAudit Voice Pro 5.0 QCA5MUP.EXE
CallAudit Client 6.0 QCA6UP.EXE *Support for the 5.0  product line ended 12/01/04  
CallAudit Server 6.0 QCA6MUP.EXE    
CallAudit Voice 6.0 QCA6VUP.EXE    
CallAudit Voice Pro 6.0 QCA6VPUP.EXE    

Other MSI Software Products

CallAudit Lite         - Build 241-3 CA3LTUP.EXE    
Atomic Clock         - Version 3.0 AC1UP.EXE    
EzFax 1.0               - Build 241-3 EZ1UP.EXE    
MyDesktop             - Version1.5 MyDskUp.exe    
X10Net 1.0             - Build 24.12270    

The above software update files will update the current installed program to the most current version shown above.  You must have previously installed the complete software for these updates to be used.

If you want to upgrade to version 6.0, you must first install the complete product from either the trial download or product CD.  Just downloading and applying the 6.0 update to an existing 5.0 installation will have no effect.

Update files are self extracting EXE files based on WinZip.  When executed, they display as a small dialog with a Setup option.  When the Setup option is selected the program will perform the following steps:

  • Display product being updated

  • Search the user system for the required product, (Demo users may use Demo update files only)

  • Perform the software update and database conversion

Most update files are approximately 2.0 to 3.0 MB is size.  If your download is smaller than this, you probably have an incomplete file.


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