InstallShield One-Click Install Process


The InstallShield One-Click install process allows the user to install a trial version of MSI software with a single click.  When you select one of these Install options, the following actions will occur:
  1. InstallShield automatic software install utility is downloaded to your PC.   This process may take 30 seconds or more depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

  2. Windows may alert you to install the InstallShield ActiveX control used in the automated process.  See below for details.

  3. The InstallShield ActiveX is installed

  4. Software installation for the selected MSI product begins

Depending on how your PC is set to use Windows and Internet Explorer, you may see a Windows prompt message as part of step 2.  This will generally be a single yellow area at the top of your Internet Explorer web display area;  It may contain wording similar to:

   This site might require the following ActiveX control: "CallAudit 6.0 from Mountain Systems".  Click here to install...

If you see this prompt, click in the area and select the option to Install ActiveX Control.  Once this is completed, the remainder of the install process will begin.










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